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Tiny hand
November 20, 2010 (one day old)

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Saturday, March 2, 2013

Second adjusted birthday

I just wanted to note the occasion that yesterday - February 28th, 2013 - was the day Cayden should have turned two.  Instead, he is 3 months, 1 week, and 2 days into his third year already.

Although he seems to be caught up on all of his other developmental milestones, I think he just got the memo about The Terrible Twos -- all of a sudden, within the last week, this boy is all about defiance and testing the limits!  He is no longer just babbling.  He is talking nonstop, very animated and sing-songy all the time, and his vocabulary has just exploded!  He's speaking in three-word sentences, but his new favorite thing to say is just one word:  NO!!!!!!!!!  It's driving Jason and me nuts, but because he's still so stinkin' cute, we haven't lost it with him yet!

We were able to get away as a family last week for a few days in the mountains in Keystone, Colorado.  I loved every minute of it even though it seemed like both boys hated every minute! 

Day 1:  Cayden, you'll need to sleep in your pack & play - NO!!!!! 
Sleeping in the big boy bed with Jamison

Let's go out to dinner.  It's cold out.  Put on your mittens - NO!!!!  Sit in this high chair -  NO!!!!!!! 

Day 2:  We tried ice skating - NO!!!  Tried pulling them on a sled behind me while I skated - NO!!!!! Cayden cried so hard and so long, he washed all the sunscreen off his cheeks and they got burned and chapped! 

Ooh, look at the nice, big horsies that are going to pull us on this wonderful sleigh ride up the mountain - WAAAAA!!!  PANIC ATTACK!!! 

Dinner in a yurt?  NO!!!!  Hot chocolate on the sleigh?  NO!  I WANT MY BINKY!!!

Day 3:  Snow tubing - NO!!!!  More crying and screaming and more sunburn/chapping. 

Despite how it sounds, there were a few tear-free, happy moments - riding in Daddy's truck instead of the minivan (the weather forecast said it was supposed to snow about 10" while we were there, so we moved the car seats into the 4-wheel drive Tundra and took that.  We barely saw a flurry the whole time we were there.  Figures.)  Both boys loved the indoor swimming pool, but once it was time to get out, it was more NO!!!!!!!!!!  Riding in the elevator and pushing all the buttons for every floor and the alarm was great fun apparently, too.  And Cayden loved climbing up on the ledge of the picture window in the condo.

A couple days after we got home to Denver, we got our biggest snowstorm of the winter.  Once again, we tried getting the boys out in it to have some fun, pulling them around the neighborhood in a sled, but were met with more screaming and crying and NO!!!!!!  Cayden did settle down a bit to help clear a path through the back yard.  He refused to put on a warmer coat, though.

We'll see how much more fun and adventure we can pack into the next few days before Jason heads out of the country again for two months.  He's going to Nigeria this time.  NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!