Tiny hand

Tiny hand
November 20, 2010 (one day old)

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Friday, October 26, 2012

Time flies!

Once again, time has gotten away from me and it's been longer than ever since I've blogged.  Seven weeks, to be exact.  I'm not sure I can even remember all that's happened since then!

The most exciting thing for all of us was that Jason was home for two whole months this last stretch, so Cayden and his brother got lots and lots of Daddy-time.  Jason went back to Cairo on the first of October, and although he'll miss Thanksgiving with us, he should be home for all of December and the holidays.

Unfortunately, Cayden caught ANOTHER cold barely more than a week after he got over that first cold of the season he had.  I would have been really worried about his ability to fight off infection and concerned that maybe we should voluntarily subject ourselves to another winter holed up at home, but Jamison got sick too.  So I guess if Jamison and his "normal" immune system got it, it isn't anything to be concerned about.  I hope. 

Just before Jason left again, we took a little trip to Anderson Farms, north of Denver, for their Fall Festival.  The boys got to see, pet, and feed goats, bunnies, a donkey, chickens, cows, and geese,
Silly goose

they rode on a barrel train,
This one cracks me up!  Talk about not being able to see over the steering wheel...

played in a hay bale maze, took a hay ride,
Squirming on Momma's lap

and wandered around a giant pumpkin patch
So many to choose from!

where they picked their very own pumpkins!
With Daddy, struggling to contain a wiggly boy and four roly poly pumpkins

We had a great time and wished we could have stayed longer!

The first week in October, Cayden took his first trip to the zoo.  It was a beautifully warm, fall day, and I had help from our friend, Kathy, so it was manageable with both boys out of the stroller!  Cayden especially liked the monkeys and banging on the bongo drums in the little play area.

Checking out the monkeys with Kathy
In mid-October, Cayden got to meet his Gruncle Don and Graunt Kay for the first time!  They came to visit for a few days and we had an absolutely wonderful time.  Cayden really took to both of them so quickly, which is unusual for him, so they (as I've known for years) are truly something special!
On the playground with Graunt Kay
With Jamison, Gruncle Don and Graunt Kay
Developmentally, Cayden's vocabulary is blossoming and he is chattering non-stop.  My favorite thing he says is "See dees?  See dees?" - as in CDs - as he waves one around in my face.  He excitedly repeats it over and over as he pulls CD after CD off of the shelf and jams them by the dozen into the 5-disk CD player.  It's adorable the way he gets so excited about a simple CD, but it drives me bonkers having to fish them out of the (now broken, I'm sure) CD player and then arrange them back on the shelf with the hundreds of others.  I think maybe it's time to put everything onto an Ipod and throw away the actual CDs?!

His walking and running are much steadier now.  He's climbing like crazy, loves rocking on the rocking horse, and likes to hide in the one tiny kitchen cabinet that doesn't have a lock on it.
Peek a boo!
Just a couple days ago, I noticed he has one of his two-year molars poking through!  Maybe that explains why he's been a bit cranky and fussy and always wanting his binky lately?  Poor little guy's mouth probably hurts!  He's still got quite the appetite, however.  I'm so curious to know how much he weighs next month at his 2-year check up!